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201904_Welcome party for new M1 students

201902_Group photo in a farewell party for M2 students

201812_Group photo in a farewell party for Komori-san and Wei-san

201812_Smile for camera!

201812_Close beauties

201812_Group photo in the professor's house

201812_Say goodbye to Komori secretary

201811_Group photo in Izu trip

201811_Exercise in adventure playground


201811_Mushroom gathering!

201809_Oze trip

201806_Group photo in a graduation party


201806_Having a mexican dishes

201806_Group photo in Yatsugatake trip

201806_The 1st Kato kart cup race

201806_Representative drivers!

201806_Feeling at ease with card game

201806_Having Yamanashi's local noodle Hoto for lunch

201806_Sports activity in a gym

201804_Welcome party for new M1 students

201711_Time to eat in Izu trip

201711_Fresh sea bream fishing

201711_Breakfast in Izu trip

201710_Award celebration and welcome party

201707_Welcome party for new M1 students

201705_Whisky tasting in Yatsugatake trip

201705_Which one are you having in Yatsugatake trip

201705_Welcome party for new staffs

201703_Farewell party

201702_After presentations of master's thesises

201611_In front of Goddess Lake in Tateshina trip

201611_Cooking together in Tateshina trip

201606_BBQ time in Izu lab trip

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