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Welcome to Harada Research Group in the Department of Chemical Science and Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology.


  • April 2023, Welcome to Moin Khaja, Nozomi Shibasaki, Hirokazu Naito, and Tomoya Koyanagi to Harada Research Group.
  • Oct. 2022, Our molten oxides-based technology was featured as a cutting-edge approach to open next generation of carbon capture in Advanced Science News.
  • Sep. 2022, Welcome to Shiyi Zang and Seyon Park to Harada Research Group.
  • August 2022, "Mantel Capture Inc. ", a new startup venture company, was launched for the developments and commercialization of our molten oxides-based technology as the first high temperature liquid phase carbon capture process. (Press release)
  • May 2022, Welcome to David Unnervik from Swizerland to Harada Research Group !
  • April 2022, Welcome toTakumu Yasuda, Toshiki Yasutake, Ryoya Fukusawa, Hiroki Yamaguchi to Harada Research Group!
  • January 2022, Welcome to Tatsuya Fujita as a new member to Harada reserach group.
  • October 2021, Welcome to Keigo Roji to Harada research group.
  • September 2021, Welcome to Yuma Nagao to Harada research group.
  • September 2021, Research activity at Harada research group was featured in "Environmental Report 2021" of Tokyo Tech.
  • April 2021, Welcome to Yusuke Furuta, Takashi Ito, and Tadashi Kawamura to Harada research group.
  • April 2020. Welcome toRyota Utsumi, who is joing us as the first B4 student to Harada research group.
  • March 2020. Harada research group was launched at Tokyo Institute of Technology.