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The fifth international workshop on Compound-Nuclear Reactions and Related Topics (CNR*15) will be held in Tokyo, Japan, from October 19-23, 2015. This workshop is the follow-up of the workshops CNR*07 organised in California in 2007 by the LLNL and LANL (USA), CNR*09 organized in Bordeaux in 2009 by CENBG Bordeaux (France), CNR*11 organized in Prague in 2011 by Charles Univ. (Czech), and CNR*13 organized in Sao Paulo by ITA/USP/UFF (Brazil) in 2013.


Compound nuclear reactions play a crucial role in nuclear physics, reactor physics and astrophysics. However, even though the concept of the compound nucleus is rather old, further research is necessary in order to establish a comprehensive, quantitative picture of the processes involved in the formation and decay of the compound nucleus. This requires a deep understanding of the fundamental aspects in nuclear physics such as reaction mechanisms and nuclear structure.


Nuclear reation mechanisms, the optical model, direct reactions and the compound nucleus, pre-equilibrium reactions, nuclear fission, decay of the compound nucleus, the Hause-Feshbach statistical model and beyond, level densities, photon strength functions, R-matrix models and parametrizations, microscopic theories of nuclear reactions, few-body aspects of nuclear reactions, nuclear structure effects on compound-nuclear reactions, neutron-induced cross section measurements, surrogate reactions, nuclear astrophysics, nuclear data, applications, nuclear energy, nuclear fusion and other related topics.


CNR*15 will assess the status of knowledge of compound-nuclear reactions, review current theoretical and experimental efforts aimed at understanding compound-nuclear reactions, identify areas in need of development, and outline possible strategies for addressing these needs. The meeting’s objective is to advance the field of compound nuclear reactions and related physics by encouraging collaboration between experts in nuclear theory, experiment, and data evaluation. Sessions will be organized to stimulate interactions between these groups and time will be allocated for discussions.

Important Dates

Abstract Deadline: 15 May, 2015
Speaker Notification: 19 June, 2015
Early registration Deadline: 5pm JST on 31 July, 2015
Late registration Deadline: 5pm JST on 9 October, 2015


VISA and Invitation Letters

We wish to assist those who need a VISA. Please contact the Conference Secretary (cnr15_secretary@nr.titech.ac.jp) if you need a VISA.

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